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Fenix technology

Design Concepts

People are always shocked by the fantastic performance and versatility of Fenix products, which always follow the consumer-oriented design concept. Fenix not only care about consumers' ideas, but also pride ourselves on achieving them.

Each model is a combination of world-class LED, Fenix's unique optical design and constant current circuitry.

- World-class LED, achieving a perfect combination of durability and life-span.
- Excellent optics design, making the beam of Fenix flashlights a fine blend of far throwing light and soft illumination with a perfect combination of hot spot and floodlight.
- Outstanding constant current circuitry, ensuring Fenix flashlights constantly bright without any flickerings as the battery discharges.
- Highest optical design, making best use of the limited battery power for an excellent combination of high brightness and long
- Intelligent digital regulated circuit, providing multiple modes and brightness levels to meet different lighting demands.
- High-efficient heat dissipating system, ensuring the reliability and light efficiency of our products.
- Toughened, ultra clear, anti reflective coated lens for highly efficient light transmission.
- Remote momentary-on switch with user friendly interface, more convenient and comfortable to operate.
- IPX-8 waterproof and Type III Hard anodized, making Fenix flashlights water-resistant, durable and scratch-resistant.
- Fenix has implemented the ANSI Standard completely which can help consumers to know various technical performances of Fenix’s flashlights rapidly.

Based on the consumer-oriented design concept, Fenix does wonders with the continuous innovations in the industry.

Main Features of Fenix Flashlight